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Inevitable Instructors
Guild members are currently participating in two projects involving virtual goods and economies in MMORPGs.

The first project is an Immersive Learning and Games Faculty Challenge grant or three colleges in the Colorado Community College System on World of Warcraft for Business. The World of Warcraft Auction House is being tested at curriculum in a F2F, hybrid and fully online setting.

The second project is developing and teaching a Virtual Economies curriculum for Teacher Camp at 3D GameLab.
Here is some of the economic and business material being developed by our guildees:

Virtual Economies or Using World of Warcraft to Teach Business
Discussion with Chris Luchs and Jerry Buchko

Your WoW Financial Portfolio with Jerry Buchko and Inevitable Instructors

Prep Resources for Business Instructors considering using World of Warcraft for their courses from ISTE 2012.