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VEJ Virtual Education Journal

2014 Reader’s Choice Awards
10 out of 27 awards!!!!!!!

Favorite virtual world environment/and or game
World of Warcraft

Person who taught, inspired or helped you the most in a virtual world environment/and or game
Chris Luchs

Favorite 2014 educational event in a virtual world environment/and or game
Inevitable Betrayal Weekend Webinars

Favorite “Go To” place for information about what is happening in virtual worlds
Inevitable Betrayal Google + Community

Favorite Fashion Designer
Shaomai House of Fashion

Favorite Virtual World Designer
Tie: Lowtide “Blue” (Vasili Giannoutsos)
and Zinnialuna (Serena Offcourse)

Best Virtual World Blog
Grid Jumper

Favorite Educational Gaming Guild
Inevitable Betrayal

Most Innovative Use of a Virtual World
Inevitable Betrayal

Favorite Professional Development Recording
Inevitable Instructors State of the Guild (SOTG)