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Minecraft and More

Minecraft Tour 6 by Kam Tonnes, on Flickr

Minecraft and More......Educational UnSymposium

Will be back .....plans are bring made for our next one.

This year's collaboration will include Inevitable Instructors, ISTE Games & Simulation Network, ISTE Virtual Environments Network, and VEJ (Virtual Education Journal).

Here's the information from last year's Minecraft UnSymposium

Friday December 6 and Saturday December 7

This year, the UnSymposium will explore the learning taking place in Minecraft.

Friday 6 pm ET/ 4 pm MT - 10 pm ET/ 8 pm MT

Saturday 2 pm ET/ Noon MT - 8 pm ET/ 6 pm MT

Sessions will include:


6- 745 pm ET Tour of Morrowcraft with Marianne Malstrom

8- 845 pm ET Discussion of Minecraft and Science with Dr. Farah Bennani,
Lucas Gillispie and Chris Luchs

9- 945 pm ET Minecraft and Machinima with SIGVE
Tanya Martin, Vasili Giannoutsos and Kae Novak


2-3 pm ET Minecraft Discussion

3-4 pm ET Tour with Jokay in the Massively @ jokaydia server

4-5 pm ET Starting a Minecraft After School Club with Trish Cloud

5-6 pm ET Minecraft Basic Building

6-8 pm ET Minecraft Building and Challenge
Sherry Jones, Stephen Getter and Kristina Theonnes

8 pm ET VSTE Minecraft Social in Second Life

This is a fully online collaborative event between the Games MOOC, Inevitable Betrayal Educator's Guild, rgMOOC, SIGVE and VSTE. This educational gathering is an opportunity for you to “assemble your entourage” or expand your personal learning network. It is for educators to build their social network knowledge creation. Hope to see you there and if not – hope to have a great discussion in social media. We'll be using the #gamemooc hashtag.

Session locations will take place over Google Hangout, in and livestreamed Minecraft servers, and a closing event in Second Life sponsored by VSTE Online.

To register please go to Eventbrite page.

Social Media for the UnSymposium

hashtag #gamemooc

Flickr site Makers, Hackers and Gamers