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This Land....the Inevitable Betrayal Outpost in Minecraft.

We contracted the esteemed virtual architectural firm of giraffe619 & mousymoose, to construct an outpost. They did not deliver on the contract. Instead of an outpost, we have the Inevitable Betrayal - Betrayal Inevitable fortress. Actually it's a castle with a walled village including livestock and crops. You can obviously see the problem when you work with a ten and twelve year old. They have no concept of scope creep. (They focus more on creepers, zombies and golems)

Here's a blog on "Touring This Land" by KamTonnes

Some of the highlights of the recorded tour are

Explanation of Rage Quit 13:32 - 14:37

Minecraft as a History Assignment and/or Project Management? 44:44 - 52:11

and if you would like to see the full tour, here it is

Beginning Construction ......

This Land by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

And now...

signage by giraffe619 & mousymoose, on Flickr

Castle Fortress by giraffe619 & mousymoose, on Flickr