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Ready to Raid?

Jin'rokh LFR run by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

If so, take a look at our Ready to Raid Assessment or this questline:

Inevitable Betrayal was the Horde side hosts for the Ready to Raid? questline in 3D GameLab.

Synchronous Events

These were synchronous events we organized as the Horde side hosts of Ready to Raid questline for 3D GameLab. The questline ran from May 1- 21, 2013.

The synchronous events consisted tweetchats, touring in World of Warcraft, Google Hangouts and livestreaming of raids.

May 4 What is a Raid - Hangout
May 8 The Language of Raiding – Tweetchat #gamemooc
May 11 Know Your Class – Hangout
May 15 Metagame – Tweetchat #gamemooc
May 18 The Art of Raiding
May 18 Live Raid Run – Hangout

Asynchronous Assignments

Questline Intro
Raid Application: It's Not Just a Job- It's An Adventure
Elitist Jerks: Equipment and Player Optimization
On the Spine: Situational Awareness
Dragon Kill Points (DKP): Resource Allocation and Structure
Chaordic - Cross Functional Groups

Ready to Raid? suggested alignment with ISTE NETS doc

Ready to Raid? forum on 3DGame Lab starting on May 1st

3 minute Overview of Ready to Raid Questline video

Ready to Raid? An Inevitable Betrayal Overview and Discussion Hangout video