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While much of raiding is "die and do over", we don't want to set you up to fail.

Oondasta on Thunder Island by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr
So we do have a "Ready to Raid" assessment. If you read it, it really gives you an idea of what would be expected of you if you run a Inevitable Betrayal raid. This ready to raid assessment is a requirement if you are to become a regular invited raid member. If you have regularly run with the guild and the guild officers as you leveled your character, this assessment may be waived for Flex runs.

Ready to Raid Assessment

1) Fit for Current Raids

Run the corresponding LFR with a raid leader and a guild raiding member of your class. This will be a 2 person evaluation that looks at:

Overall Raid Composition Fit
Raiding Style and Fit for Inevitable Betrayal Raid Style
Ability to Communicate, Listen and Cooperate with Raid Members

2) Researching a Run

Call Mogu-Shan Palace or other heroic dungeon

This will have you call a guild 5 player heroic dungeon. It doesn't matter what class, should be able to tell each person what their role is in the fight.
For example, tell tanks what to pull, what to watch out for in boss fights, crowd control, etc.

3) Reading Raid Data

Run a LFR or heroic dungeon with guildies and explain the recount data to a raid leader. You will need to explain each screen and provide in depth discussion on those that are important to your class/role and be able to explain how the overall fight went. Also you will need to discuss areas of improvement for yourself and how you plan on improving.

4) Situational Awareness

Will have a dungeon / LFR run recorded and then narrate your account of the run and justify your actions. (Why did you do what you did?)

5) Knowing Your Class

Meet with a raid leader and guild raiding member of your class and discuss your spell choice, gems, enchants, equipment, group and personal buffs, etc.

6) Communication Check
Meet with a raid leader to demonstrate that you have Google Hangout, Ventrilio and Mumble setup and know how to use them. Explain raid etiquette when it comes to audio and livestreaming.

7) Demonstrating Inevitable Betrayal Raiding Culture

Understanding of the Inevitable Betrayal Raiding Culture, as consistently demonstrated in guild runs of dungeon, scenarios and groups. We consider this to be most important criteria in raiding. Until this is consistently demonstated, a player will not receive an invitation to raid.

Current raid leaders for Inevitable Betrayal are Kuwapi and Konishiki.