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Guild Officers

Have No Fear... by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Guild Master: Kuwapi, Pechakucha, Cheerwine

Envoy: Maskirovka, Konishiki

Guild Fisherman and Financial Officer: Shaomai, Baecon

Director of Recruitment: Justgrid, Gridette, Gridlock, Gridid

Guides: Cloudnebula, Calligo and almost anything else Cloud

Founding Officers

Zarriana, Mellodius

Guild Ranks

Co-Conspirator: New member during the first three months and anyone else on probation.

Conspirator: 1 - 89 and Alts

Betrayer: Have at least one level 110

Raider: Passed the Ready to Raid assessment .

Guide: Officer position

Envoy: Second in Command

Guild expectations are listed here.

Affiliates Roles

Affiliates are not active members of the guild.

Affiliate: An individual or group coming in for a specific purposes other than being an active guild members. This would include students from a class, teachers observing or researchers. It designates that the person is not a regular member of the guild.

Collaborateur: Collaborator with Inevitable Betrayal guild on projects outside of World of Warcraft. It designates that the person is not a member of the guild.

Adjustment to Guild Rank

If you take a leave of absence of three months or more without speaking to an officer, you will be removed from the active guild ranks and may be removed from the guild and Google +. If you wish to re-apply for guild membership, please take a look at the process.

Not actively raiding for more than three months will have you moved out of raiding rank to make scheduling easier.