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Guild Raid Types

R & D (Research and Development) and Ahead of the Curve Teams

This consists of raid leaders and the more experienced raiders in the guild. It is by invitation only. The purpose is to learn the mechanics of the raid instances. Additional members will be invited as needed to explore the raid mechanics.

Raid 2 - 3 times a week. Raid officers run the raid. A regular group of raiders work as a team to achieve progression. The group will establish minimum ilevels for member, pre-raid strategy meetings and raid de-briefs, and share resources to ensure all players have needed food and potions for raid. In addition, the dedicated raid will collaborate to increase the ilevel of each member such as group VP runs, group dailies, etc. Regular attendance is expected and size is limited to 12 to 13 members to allow for absences and not interrupt scheduled raids. Raiders unable to make set raids are expected to contact a raid officer ahead of time to allow for substitution or timely cancellations. Emphasis is on knowledge creation within the raid group. All members are expected to do research on their class and contribute to discussion of raid strategy. This discussion is based on academic discourse, all members are expected to be able to participate in this manner respecting the knowledge of each participant without taking a competitive or adversarial tone or attitude. Those who cannot will not be asked to return.

Social or Everyone Runs

Raid once or twice week a week. This is for guildees level 110 whose raiding skills and gear has been assessed by the Raid officers. It can consist of any number from 10 -20 person teams. It is expected that participants would come to the raid being reforged, gemmed and enchanted. If you need any help with this please get with one of the officers prior to the raid. It is also expected that you would have read Icy Veins and have watched the videos as this is content that the R & D raid has already done.

It is expected that this would consist of the Alts of the R & D raiders, casual raiders and new raiders. All raiders who are invited will have demonstrated an understanding of guild raiding culture in prior dungeon runs and scenarios with guild officers.

Training Runs

Training raids are level 110 raids where the purpose is for players new to raids or their class to learn raid mechanics.

Alt Raid/Runs

Once the raid bosses are defeated on a regular basis it goes to alt team. This is where raiders can bring their alts to a raid that is considered to be on farm. It is expected that all raiders know the raids and that it will go fairly quickly.

Retro Raids

These are raids designed for levels less than 110. The purpose can be social, fun or gear. Retro raids are social raid where raiding times are set for people to sign up as convenient. Raid leader or invited guest guides the run and explains fights as needed. Emphasis is on social interaction and completing the Raid and gear is secondary. These runs would normally be on older content or non-Heroic.