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Pokémon Go
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Inevitably playing Pokémon Go

At the ISTE conference in Denver, we were lucky enough to have Michael Flood come to the Games & Sims Network Game Night and show us the beta of Pokémon Go. We have been waiting for Pokémon Go live for quite a while now. What’s the appeal to you as an educator? Your students are using their mobile devices to go walk around outside and explore.

We have been curating and categorizing an open Google Document with links. To let you know we have been reading and reviewing articles since the conference. We have only included what we felt were the most relevant. We continue to add new articles especially about game design and the metagame.

Feel free to use the doc, share it and if you want just ask for editor access to add anything.

On July 13, the ISTE Games & Sims Network had an informal panel on Google Hangout that discussed Pokémon Go in education. Below are the links from that Hangout:

Link to Google Hangout Recording

Revised Hangout Recording

We continued our coverage of Pokémon Go with a August 24, 2016 panel
of Kids, Parents and Educators.

Tanya Martin, Games & Sims Network PD chair produced
Pokémon GO Back to School Edition Hangout.
Kids, Parents and Educators Panel

Panelists included Chris Luchs , Tanya Martin MC Ninja , MC Ninja’s Mom, Caoilin, Michael Flood , Kae Novak , Trish Cloud and Kristina Thoennes

Hangout Recording
Pokémon Go Slides
Pokémon Go ISTE Games & Sims Curated Listémongointro

Recent Presentations

SEPTEMBER 14, 2016
ISTE Games & Sims Network
Fall 2016 ISTE Professional Learning Series

with Tanya Martin

How can the great interest and motivation with the augmented reality game of Poke’mon Go be leveraged in the classroom? Join us for an hour of discussion and ideas on using the game, the metagame and the concept of Poke’mon Go kinds of games for teaching and learning.

IMG_3311 by gridjumper1, on Flickr

Virginia Society for Technology in Education
ISTE Games & Sims Presentation on Pokemon Go in School
The Games and Simulations Network has been closely watching the Pokemon Go phenomenon since before its launch. Many in the GSN had been playing its predecessor, Ingress, and we knew it would have classroom implications. In the presentation we will talk about the phenomenon that is Pokemon Go and how it, and other ARGs, can be used in the classroom.
The slurl is:

Just out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pokémon Go – Back to School Advice – Digital Citizen Summit

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Introduction Page 111
Beyond Pokemon and into the Classroom Page 114
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School Strategy & Classroom Management Page 117
Augmented Reality Sector Feedback Page 119
A Word on AR in Edu... Page 121
Understanding Pokémon Go through AR Research Page 122
Pokémon Go, Augmented Reality and Transferable Skills Page 122
On the hunt for other Augmented Reality Games Page 126
Ingress: The Predecessor to Pokémon Go Page 127
ISTE Mobile Network Photo Quest Page 129
Pokémon Go and other AR games PD Session Page 130
Pokémon Go and Metagame Page 132
Pokémon Go and Information and Technology Literacy Page 133
Pokeblitz Page 134