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Presenters by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

Minecraft Mobile

During Mobile Mondays at VSTE (Virgina Society for Technology in Education)

Mobile Minercaft and More ( 4 part series for 2013/2014)

SIGML, VSTE and SIGVE team up for a four part Mobile Minecraft and More series to be held on VSTE Island in Second Life for 2013/2014. We'll introduce you to Minecraft apps for you cell phone and your iPad. We also explore what Mobile MMOs are currently on the market that you may already see your students playing.

First Session was in Second Life on VSTE Island 5 pm SLT(PT)/ 8 pm ET

Session speakers were Mellody Collier, mousymoose, giraffe619, and Trish Cloud. Kae Novak moderated and Chris Luchs and Tanya Martin produced the session.

Hangout Recording is 50 minutes long. If you go to the YouTube, you can click on show more for a breakout of segments.

Segments include:

PE Minecraft
School Club
Questions and Discussions

For full interview of Trish Cloud, view this "It Takes A Guild" Episode with Trish Cloud on Pocket Edition of Minecraft as well as other mobile games, see video below:

For Minecraft Open House Tour with mousymoose and giraffe619, see below:

For #sigml tweetchat on Mobile and Games that took place directly afterwards go to this Storify curation.