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ISTE 2013
ISTE 2013 Debriefing - Mission: Fun, Flow and Fiero

As was inevitable, we went to ISTE with a mission. Our mission was fun, flow and fiero! Not for us just to personally experience, but to tangibly demonstrate it and discuss it with our fellow educators and administrators. We were even willing to venture into that minefield of how to assess the learning that happens in games and measures of mastery.


Epic Leadership Symposium program description

Our day started early at 0700. We rendezvoused at level 4 of the Hyatt Grand Hotel. Last minute adjustments needed to be made. The simple cipher that was the key to finding the Paladin needed adjustment.

The chiffrement from the leader of the order, the Cardinal, has left us with cognitive dissonance and a feeling that we will be inevitably betrayed. The order of the bricoleur needs you. Remember it all began with the Paladin and it ends with you.

Sounds a little cryptic? It was... and it was all part of a game. Educators from around the world were meeting on Sunday morning to find this Paladin. This Paladin, of course, was Jane McGonigal. We were part of this game. Our mission was to convey selected information to the participants so they could experience emotions, motives, objective reasoning and collaboration that manifests in game play. The reward was access to the Paladin.

More of the mission report here.....

Sunday - SIGVE (Special Interest Group - Virtual Environments) Open House

Monday - EduMachinima Fest

Tuesday - SIGVE Playground

Wednesday - Games for Brave Beginners