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We know that you love your other guild, server and regular raid group.
But perhaps you have a level 110 alt who is dps or heals and you feel like dusting them off for an occasional social run with a group of educators.

We have the tanks - even when we have to three tank a boss.
So we would be looking for heals and dps to run a raid and who knows maybe even go after some Heroics. We are looking for level 110 with 850 ilevel

We use DBM and Recount so please have those add-ons updated.

We do have a raid's well....we'll show you.
and it looks like this when we raid

We're here to have fun and we frown upon....well frowning, whining, divas, dramas and.....players with savior complexes. It's a social run and we <3 players who realize that each raid is a new combination of players and the chance to learn something different with a bunch of educators who game.

No, the tanks don't want to be told what to do. The healers are likely to employ a Think-aloud methodology through the raid. Many of our people's in-game fun comes from figuring out how to do it and not having a More Knowledgeable Other (MKO) who has already run the raid tell them what to do. We're not looking for new raid leaders. (Yes, based on our experience we have found that it is better if we explicitly state this.) Now - back to your regularly scheduled carebears.

Dust Off Your Ally - Open Run
We take out our Allys to do occasionally do a casual, social flex run. We run for two hours so please be on time. It’s kind of like a potluck, we’ll bring the tanks please bring dps and heals. As long as we get a total of 10 with at least 3 heals, we’ll run it.

Please sign up here.

On Saturdays, we do a late night casual social run that last for two hours. Please sign up here.