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Application for Inevitable Betrayal or Keeping the Evil Fresh!

We are unabashedly a Horde educators guild in World of Warcraft. Our guild consists of Orcs, Trolls, Goblins, Taurens, Pandas and Blood Elves. We are modest but mighty! At our core, Inevitable Betrayal is a a dedicated group of educators who explore and use MMORPGs, sandbox genre games and virtual worlds for learning. We are looking for long term active members who actively participate with guild members in and out of game.

We consistently organize educational activities outside of World of Warcraft such as online events and conferences as well as present together and represent the guild in online and F2F conference presentations. We also develop MOOCs and OER, write blogs and articles, create Machinima and build in virtual worlds and sandbox games. If your purpose for joining the guild is to learn how to play the game and not collaborate outside the game with guild members, Inevitable Betrayal may not be a good fit.

Inevitable Betrayal Culture

We give tours and training to teachers, researchers and students. We expect our guild members to participate in these activities if they are logged into the game and to help mentor our guests. As a guild member you will be invited to participate in dungeon runs, battlegrounds and pre-raid events. Guild chat is social and educational topics are frequently discussed.

While we don't mean to discourage any educator from applying to the guild, someone who prefers solo-play would not be a good fit for the guild. You would be continually greeted, gratzed and asked to play with guild members. As educators who create content, design and build that can sometimes take priority over game play. We do stop to smell the roses, critique builds, look at textures and do screen capture and screenshots. We produce weekend webinars over Google Hangout, Machinima and actively contribute to Flickr. If stopping for these activities would disrupt your enjoyment of the game, Inevitable Betrayal may not be a good fit for you. As our Chief Tactical Officer often says, "Slow Down."

Our culture in general is that of extreme politeness. Tech rage, obscenities or any less than positive behavior that may be seen in other gaming communities is not part of Inevitable Betrayal. Displays of these and any behavior that changes the tone or atmosphere of the guild game play, guild chat or community sites may be cause to be dismissed from the guild.

We understand that real life happens, but would appreciate an email, text, or im to a guild officer if you will not be on for over two weeks. If we haven't heard from you for over a month, your character would be placed into an inactive role. Not logging in for more than three months without discussion with the guild officers would be grounds to be dismissed from the guild. We are an active, dedicated guild so we are looking for that in members.

After you fill out the form, the guild officers will review. If it seems like you may be a good fit, we will contact you to schedule an interview. Thank you!

Here is a link to the application.