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Overall Guild Mission Statement

We are unabashedly a Horde educators guild in World of Warcraft. Our guild consists of Orcs, Trolls, Goblins, Taurens, Pandas, Undead and Blood Elves. We are modest but mighty!

At our core, Inevitable Betrayal is a dedicated group of educators who explore and use MMORPG, sandbox genre games and virtual worlds for learning. We are looking for long term members who actively participate with guild members in and out of game. We consistently organize educational activities outside of World of Warcraft such as online events and conferences as well as present together and represent the guild in online and F2F conference presentations, develop open courses and OER, write blogs and articles, create Machinima and build in virtual worlds and sandbox games.

Exploration Mission Statement

Inevitable Betrayal has a strong commitment to exploring MMORPGs, virtual worlds, and sandbox genre games for education. In particular, we are investigating:

Social Network Knowledge Construction

Our focus is on collaborative knowledge construction, so we seek members who are interested in contributing, collaborating and leading at a every level. So players at all levels are expected to do research on their class, take initiative in organizing cohorts runs for their levels and actively participating in scheduled and unscheduled guild activities.

Team Work and Collaboration in Endgame Content

One of the primary goals of Inevitable Betrayal is to explore and experience endgame content as a guild. Since our focus goes beyond solo game play, we seek members who are interested in contributing, collaborating and leading.

Although, Inevitable Betrayal runs several types of raids, our focus in raiding is organizing socially progressive raiding for educators who are advocates of immersive and game based learning.

We are gamers as much as our students are. We understand hard fun, flow and fiero not just on a soloist level but as a collaborative virtual team. We understand the deeper learning that happens in games and immersive environments. We know what grit, resilience and the importance of slack are as individual gamers and as a raid group.

As John Seely Brown states, "high level raiders shift through 15,000 new strategic ideas each night." The goal for Inevitable Betrayal raiders is to be a high end performance and knowledge refining group. We are exploring wicked problems, chaordic systems and the metagame as a progressive raid team.

Because of this educators' perspective, our raids focus on group collaboration and not on relying on a More Knowledge Other (MKO) dictating the actions.
The morale of the group and respect of individuals is our utmost concern, so any behavior that changes the tone of our raids is not tolerated.

Virtual Economies

We are investigating virtual economies and how they relate to guild governance on several servers.


We are always open to new collaborations. Please contact with any ideas, projects, or research plans.


Inevitable Betrayal is a group of educators who play, document and curate activities throughout the week. We are looking for long term members who will actively participate with guild members in and out of game. We expect teamwork and commitment in events held outside of the game as well as in the game.

We don't actively recruit but if you are interested in playing in the guild please contact us at for a guild application. All applications are reviewed and preference is given to educators who have successfully and cordially collaborated with the guild members and officers. Please identify who is your guild sponsor and if accepted you will be assigned a guild mentor for the first three months. To read more about what we expect from guild members please click here.