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Ready Player One Starts Now and Here is all the Starting Info

Kae / Mar 12, 2018
Here's all the information to get started with the Ready Player One Book Club.

Please start out by introducing yourself in our Oasis4Edu subreddit and share as much or as little as want. Feel free to also include an avatar picture if you want.

If you haven’t already, read Level 1 in Ready Player One.

Each Wednesday, we’ll be doing a Hangout at 8 pm ET on the Games MOOC YouTube channel. You can watch the livestream and jump in the text discussion channel or email gamesmooc@gmail if you’d like to jump in a discussant on webcam.

We know there are a lot of Ready Player One educators who might want to jump in. Just let us know.


The focus is of course for us to enjoy the book but we have some educational ulterior motives.
We test-drove this format for Ender’s Game last May. We will do a discussion of each section of the book and look at all the cultural references.

But we want to do a little more. We have extensions for motivated learners. So only do these questions or readings if you want to. We have it listed as 2 tracks 1) Technology - Fact or Fiction where we’ll discuss the technology mentioned in the book and discuss if we have access to the technology and can we use it for learning and 2) Connected Learning - we’ll be reading The Digital Media and Learning Research Hub’s report on Connected Learning. We’ll also be tossing in a little discussion on connectivism and the metagame.


We’ll put up the discussion questions on the subreddit on Week 1 after the Hangout on Wednesday.

Reddit might be new to you or new as education platform. We thought would be closer to the gunter forums than using the Metagame Google Plus community.

We will put up “official discussion questions” but the subreddit is really to discuss anything - anything related to Ready Player One. It might look a little messy, but forums out in the wild looks like that!


Monday - Wednesday Read the Level!
Wednesday - Participate or watch/listen/second screen the Hangout
After the Hangout discussion questions and all additional material go up on each Week’s page!
Here’s Week 1
but we’ll keep putting things up to the time of the Hangout.

Thursday - Sunday
Discuss in subreddit, post on twitter and take the conversation wherever you want it to go.

Field Trips

There are a few scheduled and TBA field trips that we will take into games and virtual worlds.
You do not need to participate in these. We will try and livestream what we can. Join us if you want to!

Week 1 and Week 2 Field Trips

Week 1

Wednesday after 9 pm, we will be joining the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education (VWBPE) conference for a social event - actually a dance in the virtual world Second Life. Second Life is not virtual reality but there will be similarities to Og Morrow’s party at the night club.

It’s called the Volunteers Rock Kickoff from 9 pm ET/6 pm PT to 10 pm ET/7 pm PT. It will be a dance, pictures and some chit-chat about the conference. To attend you will need to download Second Life and make an avatar. After you have done that, the direct link to the party is

If Second Life is new to you, we would suggest you register for the VWBPE conference and they will contact you to let you know when orientations are for Second Life and the conference.

You can watch the conference here’s the schedule, it runs from Thursday to Saturday.

Our Book Club does have its own area (exhibition) in this virtual world. We’re number 31 - METAGAME: Ready Player One Meets Snowcrash. If you are logged into Second Life, you can get to us directly by going to
On the map, we’re exhibit 31 but the sign on our is 301.

Week 2

Next Wednesday after the Hangout, we’ll do a meet up in Second Life where we can tour the exhibitions at VWBPE including ours.

Social Media


#OASIS4Edu - Can thank Dr. Cynthia Calongne for that! We don’t think it will last forever but we can have fun with it over the next few weeks.
#readyplayerone - it will be popular for the ramp-up for the book
#Metagame - always works for Metagame Book Club

ISTE Games & Sims has a Flickr account Just click link and ask to join. Share pictures of the book, anything fan fiction, your avatar or anyone you might be using this book in the classroom.

Any questions? Just ask and don’t be shy in joining in the livestreams, in game or in world.



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