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Book Club for Game Based Learning and Ready Player One

Kae / Mar 05, 2018
We are doing another free online professional development for educators. We’d love for you to join us. It is a little smaller than a MOOC but we think you’ll share and learn a lot with a group of colleagues who want to engage their students in deeper learning.

We are reading Ready Player One from March 12 to April 8 right before it comes out as a movie. You may have already read the book but if you haven’t read just ask your students if they have read it.

We are doing the Ready Player One book club collaboratively with the ISTE's Games & Simulations Network at the Metagame Book Club

We will also have 2 side tracks for motivated learners

1) Virtual Reality - Fact or Fiction (What is currently possible?)
2) Connected Learning😆 and yes we will also be talking about Connectivism and the Metagame.

The book club will include a facilitated discussion of what school would look like if it was in a simulation. You can choose to just read the book without doing either of the tracks, but of course we hope you'll join us. The site for the book club will be

All Google Hangout will be livestreamed on Games MOOC YouTube

This is an open book club for all educators. We also encourage you to invite your friends, students and kids to also participate. The model for the book club is based on social network knowledge construction. Participants will be able to be active in the book club in several ways from lurking (reading the discussions) to actively creating content. It is expected that each participant’s level of activity will vary each week based on the individual’s interest in the weekly topics. Besides the content area, there will be the opportunity for you as an educator to build your games and simulations PLN (Personal Learning Network).
Please share this sign-up with your colleagues, students, friends and kids!


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