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Intro to LitRPG Recording

Kae / Feb 22, 2018
If you are interested, ISTE Games & Sims Network did a Hangout on LitRPG.
It is new or developing literary genre that your students might be reading.
The upcoming movie based on the book, READY PLAYER ONE, is an example of LitRPG where the main character is inside a game or virtual world.

The overarching theme is usually fantasy or science fiction. Recording

You can either watch the video or look at the slides to see its components are. Slides

Introduction 0:00 – 0:52
What is a MMO and how it related to LitRPG 0:52 – 5:38
The Grind 5:38 – 11;43
Components LitRPG 11:43 – 19:19
LitRPG Resources and Examples 19:19 – 29:04
LitRPG Movies 29:04 – 31:52

Intro to LitRPG by Que Jinn, on Flickr


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