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Games & Sims Network at ISTE 2017

by Kae on Sep 06, 2016 at 02:18 PM}
Hello Everyone,

If you are interested in helping organize and helping out in general with the ISTE Games & Sims Network at the conference in San Antonio please let us know.

Here's what we'll be far

Our 4th annual LAN/Game Night. You can take a look at 3rd annual here.
(Even if you aren't a game expert - we really need friendly and outgoing greeters)

ISTE LAN Party and Games Nite by kaezenovka, on Flickr

and the Machinima Fest (screencapture and channels of games, virtual worlds and mixed reality)

We normally have a Booth/Poster Area at Networking fair - we will be looking for a theme (again need friendly and outgoing greeters)

and we'd be more than happy to consider submitting other sessions!

If you are bringing students and they like games (designing, developing or playing). We'd love to include them.

Also if you are local in San Antonio or close by please let is know. Having locals really helped us staff the events in Denver.

Even if you're not going we could really use help with organizing, making handouts, resource sites and communications.

Feel free to respond here or email



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