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Games & Simulations Weekly

by Kae on Jul 20, 2016 at 02:44 PM}
Games & Simulations Weekly

Pokémon GO is now the best selling mobile app game in the United States. We are continuing to collect lots of blog posts and so far a few videos about its use educationally on this Google doc Here’s the ISTE Connect blog post that went out on Friday and also the Hangout the Games & Sims Network did on Pokémon GO last week. Feel free to add this document either in comments or just ask for editing access.

Some new resources include:

Great quote from President of the NSW Secondary Principals Council, Chris Presland, "Crazes come and go, they're all learning opportunities, it's just a question of how cleverly teachers can catch them." Pokemon Go may help, not hinder in rural schools, Sydney Morning Herald (July 17, 2016)

Should teachers care about Pokémon Go? by Dean Groom (July 20, 2016)
Good article asking for more research on MOBAs, ARGs and even a mention of the Interactive Fiction Great, Emily Short. This is a good read for educators who also look at game studies.

Evaluating the Power of Pokemon Go: Q & A with Jim Gee, Education Week (July 19, 2016)
May need to subscribe for access. Gee’s points are similar to other posts and articles but includes a discussion of common public culture, big data and the freemium model.

If you or your students play World of Warcraft, then you probably know that MMO will have a brand new expansion starting on August 30. The time leading up to the expansion is when a number of new features are being introduced. We’ll have updates from Network members who are part of the educators’ gaming guild Inevitable Betrayal.

Tonite (Wednesday) July 20 at 8 pm ET is the last Google Hangout for our Metagame Book Club on the Blockchain Revolution. Sherry Jones will be facilitating and we will have 2 special guests, James Willis and Jeff Wahl, our embedded librarian.

Part 1. Ethical Considerations of Blockchain Design"
Part 2. Ethical Considerations of Blockchain in the Humanities" slide or some possible ways Blockchain will change teachers' pedagogy and students' learning practices.
Part 3 How Blockchain can be used in Game Development

Thursday July 21 sometime around 2 pm ET we’ll periscope out Jeff Wahl on his reaction to the Blockchain Hangout the night before. Follow @kzenovka on periscope or look for the #metagame hashtag.

Pokemon Go in the Library by kaezenovka, on Flickr



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