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USING LFRs to get ready for Normal and Heroic Runs

by Kae on Jan 22, 2016 at 04:20 PM}
OK this is not really an event, but it is all about transferring the knowledge. We are finishing up with normals so we need anyone running with us to be familiar with any of the upper levels fights. That’s Socrethar, Iskar, Zakuun, Tyrant. We’ll also start on Mannoroth and Archimonde soon. One or two people not knowing what to do in the fight can wipe us. We don’t raid for that many consecutive hours so an extra 2 or 3 wipes can mean we don’t get a boss down that night or that week. We have seen based on Socrethar that we can switch to 2 healing in a group of 10 and get the boss down.

Sign up for an LFR on a ranged class. When you get to the boss you need to study - don’t participate. Keep yourself alive but watch the NPCS and the mechanics. Take notes, talk with other guildees in the group, and look for how the boss / dbm telegraphs the mechanic. These are the things that we need everyone to know and recognize. Remember the LFR exists as part of a scaffolded learning experience.

Gorfiend by kaezenovka, on Flickr

Use a dual screen (if you have one) and have Icy Veins up on the fight description. If you don’t, print out Icy Veins or write down notes. As the fight is happening, compare back and forth. What new mechanics are you seeing, what haven’t you seen before. Really watch DBM so you know when the announcements are happening.

Then once the fight is done, jump out if you aren’t looking for VP. Go back in and run the fight on your main. Keep the dual screen up or print-off up. LFR might ignore the mechanics but that doesn’t mean you can’t practice.


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