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Moving Along

by Cloud on Apr 23, 2014 at 11:12 AM}
Well as Depana has said, she finished the book. That is quite the achieve! That should have unlocked something epic, but in this case it will be just the satisfaction of knowing you finsihsed. I remember in our Tweetchat about our book club, some mentioned starting Reamde, but no one mentioned finishing it. I can see why. It is a bit daunting. And Mr. Stephenson's penchant for detail can get suffocating. I find myself skimming greater and greater chunks as he continues to give detailed observations about roads, trailer parks, or the terrain of T'Rain. I just want to get to the story.

The descriptions of the internet cafes in Xiamen were interesting. In a way his descriptive nature was benefical in this case. When I was reading the begining chapters of FTW and they were describing the cafes in India, I really did not get the PICTURE of what one of these "cafes" look like or the size of them. But the cafes he describes in Reamde are immense. And the reader is allowed to be stunned by the size along with Xula, when she is thinking it is going to be something akin to a Starbucks. Not something on the size of a casino in Las Vegas. So instead of gaming for chips that represent money, players game for gold that represents real money. And is the game still fun when you HAVE to play to earn money vs playing for the flow and fiero?

Blue Appaloosa mentioned he might be willing to buy gold in order to just get some better equipment. I understand the grind...many of us in IB are grinding now; whether it be for that Legendary Cloak from the Black Prince or trying to hit 600 in a profession. But the question presents itself for me at least: the grind is worth it for the fiero moment when I finally hit 600 in leatherworking at 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning. I had been working on that all week long. And to finally hit it was EPIC! Also, for all of you that earned your Legendary cloaks...wasn't the grind worth the fiero of the payoff? Would you still have that fiero moment if you didn't have to work so hard for the item? Would it mean the same if you were able to just purchase the cloak for gold?

I play not only for the social aspect of playing with a guild of people I enjoy running around Azeroth with and learning from. I also play for those fiero moments when you down the boss, finally complete a quest, or get to be best friends with Nat Pagle. You see you can't just MAKE these things happen. In order to get the reward you have to work through the process. There may be small rewards along the way but the big daddy reward is at the end. I can see why people like us want to use this kind of games based learning in the classroom. Going back to the addiction aspect...what if students were as addicted to learning as some get to gaming?

And yes, I spend a lot of time on WoW. Last week on Spring Break I know there was a couple of days when I was in game for about 12 hours. And it went by fast, total flow for hours on end. I can definitely see where this would not be a good thing. It is very good I have to go to work 5 days a week. Which brings me to the article I just posted in the G+ community about the Russian guy who has earned every achievement in WoW. That has got to require a TON of time in game.

So all these things are floating around in my head as I am reading about the WOR (War of Realignment) which is a battle between bright colors and earthtones. How they are going to work that into the lore of T'Rain. And the ongoing search for the hacker responsible for the REAMDE virus.

I think I need to start listening to the audio book, I know I can listen faster than I can read.

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Regarding the search for the hackers responsible for the REAMDE virus: I reached what seemed to be the climax to that story arc around page 300. This confused me, because I thought that search was the central story of the book. So what's going to happen in the next 700 pages?

Now I'm at page 480 and enjoying the action as various characters use different strategies to keep or rescue various characters - trying to not give away spoilers, here. I'm very interested in how this action thread will weave in with the War of Realignment story line. When is Richard going to find out what's going on with Zula?

P.S. It's a good thing I'm on Spring Break now, so I can spend hours reading this monstronsity.
P.S.S. This brick of a book is a good argument for digital books!

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