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Fiero Last Night

by Kae on Sep 16, 2013 at 03:08 PM}
While Chris did the numbers , I’d really like to reflect on the Fiero moment last night. We only had nine players. Seven of them less than optimally geared alts, many of us playing that class for the first time in Throne of Thunder***. Izzy, ever the analytical pragmatist expressed our chances of downing the boss but despite the reality kept strategizing and went to re-equip and keep trying. Our team of healers was phenomenal. Z pulling out his monk for added dps, Jakkori, the consummate utility player who went heals for this fight and Shaomai with 66 k heals. Zarr and Lotus were exemplary and really proved that is was all about knowing the mechanics and your team. Thanks to the whole team for not believing there is only one way to solve a problem or accomplish a goal. For those of you who haven’t been with us from the start, this was an example of how this guild is all about knowledge construction in WoW or whatever world we are in. We were the raiders that John Seeley Brown highlights in the video. This is also where we as educators see the learning that happens in end game. Fail fast, constant analytics, social knowledge construction and entrepreneurial learning. And just like JSB says this happens every night.

Thank you to everyone in this guild who runs, raids, quests, tranmorgs, trades, curates and fishes. You make it fun, create the flow and produce the “die and do over” that makes the fiero possible!

***We had Jabber but let’s call him the outlier that he is any group or raid. Really Jabber – so have to thank you for your collaboration skills. At any point, you could take agro and totally take the boss away. And you’re so totally a nice guy about it all too!


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I've also noticed that Jabber is excellent at making timely getaways.:)

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