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Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal
Inevitable Betrayal is a modest yet mighty guild of educators!

Voted Best Educators' Guild by the readers of ISTE's Virtual Education Journal!

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Orgrimmar Full Moon by Center4EduPunx, on Flickr

We are a level 25 educators' gaming guild providing guides for other educators' in MMORPGs and virtual worlds. Our focus is educational exploration in virtual worlds, endgame content in MMORPGs, building in sandbox genre games and investigating mobile games.

Open Raid Runs

Tuesday October 6

630 pm PT/server
Inevitable Betrayal Educator’s Guild Horde@Heart Run
Raider Finder Wing 5 – Archimonde
Item Level 650 required email to join in.

Thursday October 8
Guild Run
630 pm PT/server

Saturday October 8
Serious Guild Raid
530 pm PT/server

Saturday October 8
Big Guild Raid
730 pm PT/server

For more information on raiding click here.

Upcoming Events

The ISTE Mobile Learning Network and the Games and Simulations Network are pleased to present a Mobile Mondays Mini-Conference with webinars, hangouts, tweetchats, game jams, and virtual environment sessions each Monday in October. Please visit the Connected Educators website for the full schedule of professional development offerings at

October Connected Educator Month

SMART PARENTS Book Club Hangout with Tom Vander Ark, Smart Learning.
ISTE Games and Simulations Network with Tom Van der Ark, CEO,
Getting Smart joins the Metagame Book Club for a discussion of their book, Smart Parents for Powerful Learning. This panel will discuss the inspiration for the book, what is personalized learning and why it is important to parents. It will also include a discussion of educational opportunities available to students and last but not least where does making and game based learning fit in. Link to livestream and padlet

October 12 - Pervasive Games & the Aris Jam
Christopher Holden
Link to livestream and padlet

October 19 - Ingress and ARGs
Michael Anderson, Ninatic Projects and Michael Flood, ISTE Mobile Learning Network Link to livestream and padlet

ARIS Game Jam October 23 & 24
Link to livestream and padlet

Hearthstone Hangout October 26
Link to livestream and padlet

#Metagame Book Club November 1 - 24

Recorded March and April Events

Metagame Book Club
Games & Sims Network and Inevitable Instructors
Games 4 Change Conference Recap

Multiplayer Classroom Hangout with Matthew Miller

Gnimmargorp Introduction to Programming Class
Course Game website
Mike Skocko's Game On Wordpress
Material for Multiplayer Classroom Week 1

Building an Elementary School Coding Club: One Teacher’s Experience
Inevitable Betrayal Officer: Trish Cloud
EdWeb Webinar Recording Link

Games, Girls and Coding
ISTE Webinar organized by Inevitable Betrayal Officer: Tanya Martin

Saturday March 21
Intro to the Metagame Book Club
Google Hangout Recording

Recorded February Events

Wednesday February 11
Bootstrap World - Using Coding to Teach Algebra
ISTE Games & Sims Network

Wednesday February 26
What Makes A Game Good
ISTE Games & Sims Network
Inevitable Instructors

Recorded December Events

VEJ Reader’s Choice Awards
December 7
Guild members, the guild and guild activities won or tied in 15 of 26 categories to include favorite education guild!

Hour of Code Events

Hour of Code Preview
ISTE Mobile Learning Network and Games & Simulations Network

Hour of Code in WoW
US Server, Cenarion Circle, Horde Faction
December 10
More information located here.
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